Seminar – Conference Room

Sponsor one of the seminars of the Yachting Festival 2019

1) Yachting Global Developments – Market Trends ”

2) Introducing the areas and ports that Yachting can visit or Organize your own seminar on Yachting and Maritime tourism.

Exhibition Brochure of Companies

Reach all visitors of the exhibition as they will receive the free copy from the Exhibition Booklet of Companies. Place an ad or inscription on your company logo or brand.


Provide official e-newsletters sent by organizers to more than 50,000 recipients

Exhibition catalogs of companies

Provide the exhibition lists of companies that will be located outside the exhibition space. Place company ad in directories.

Available only to exhibitors.

Exhibition Bags

Promote your company in the Exhibition Bags with the sponsor mark that will be distributed to the exhibitors, VIP visitors and press representatives.


Put your logo on the buses that serve the guests of the Yachting Festival on the days of the exhibition.


More than 20,000 Cards with the Sponsor’s logo or logo will be distributed to visitors, exhibitors and media representatives during the exhibition

Coffee Cups

25,000 cups of coffee with the Sponsor logo will be available in all cafes and restaurants of the Yachting Festival.


5,000 Napkins with the Sponsor’s logo made for the Yachting Festival will be available in its restaurants during the exhibition.

Mobile Application

Press Office

The sponsorship of the Press Office provides direct access to the representatives of the Press participating in the event to cover the news of the Yachting Festival.


Charging station for electronic devices in a special construction at the exhibition site

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