An Amorgian boiler (doctor) that the inhabitants of our island Amorgos drank from the old years when their throat hurt, was the reason to be inspired and to prepare our drink “Amorgion Rakomelo“.

From the year 2000 we started to prepare recipes with raki, honey and herbs that thrive in Amorgos, and when we got to the point where our drink was liked by those who tried it, we decided to create the Amorgos Distillery. Our goal and vision was and is to make quality products and to advertise our island and our Greece to the ends of the world.

After the great success of our first drink “Amorgion Rakomelo” after we managed to sell it all over Greece but also abroad (Germany, England, France, Holland, Austria, Cyprus) we created other drinks based on our first Rakomelo which are The following:

Amorgion Rakomelo: Drink from raki, honey and 8 herbs that thrive in Amorgos
Amorgion Psimeni: That was the name of the kettle they made with raki, sugar, cinnamon and cloves. We added honey and 8 herbs that grow on our island, and made a fantastic drink that drives Greeks and foreigners crazy!
Melikraton wine honey: With sun-dried sweet wine, raki, honey and 8 herbs. The ancient Greek women made it to stimulate their men when they returned from war or work to help them cope with all their obligations!
Mastic: It is rakomelo with Chios Mastic
Lemodelo: Rakomelo with natural lemon juice
Portomelo: Rakomelo with natural orange juice
Our great success is the Amorgian Mekila from prickly pears
Prickly pear honey, a very aromatic drink with an exotic taste of prickly pear!
We also prepare Ouzo in very good quality as well as Tsipouro without anise with excellent aroma.

For all our drinks we have obtained patents and we have registered the marks from the Ministry of Development. In 2013 we created in Katapola Amorgos our second factory Distillery – Distillery – Winery – Confectionery Laboratory and packaging laboratory for honey, oil and herbs.

Since 2013, we have been making Amorgian wines that impress everyone who has tried them for their balanced quality taste, as well as pastilles with an Amorgian recipe, and Turkish delights with various fruit flavors that stand out for their taste.

We make all our creations with great taste, from pure traditional ingredients without any preservatives. Our goal and vision is to prepare quality traditional drinks and food, and the AMORGION brand to guarantee good quality and special taste in all our products.

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