The Ionian Yachting Festival & Gastronomy aims to become an annual meeting of the industry with professionals and prospective clients, where thousands of visitors will have the opportunity to admire the products and services of the exhibitors.

The aim of the Festival is to promote the island cluster of the Ionian Islands and to highlight the special characteristics, the marine wealth and the environmental physiognomy of the Archipelago. For the first year of the event, the island of Lefkada was chosen as a crossroads of the Mediterranean countries, with the aim of becoming an institution for the following years and progressively becoming a landmark and reference point of marine tourism.

As a result, multiple benefits are expected for the region, as marine tourism is now at the top of the preferences of travellers worldwide.
Marine tourism is a privileged field for Greece and the Ionian Islands bring together a number of factors, such as geomorphology, location, marine and coastal environment and culture, which create the conditions for the further development of tourism activity related to the marine environment. More specifically, it can be further developed in various fields, such as cruising, sailing & yachting, diving and fishing tourism, marine sports tourism, which generate related professional activities.
In addition, the geomorphology (natural bays-ports, island cluster, nearby mainland coasts) and mild climatic conditions have created a positive environment for the development of sailing and related activities.

The Ionian beaches are ideal places for windsurfing, sailing, water skiing and diving.

The Ionian seas are, among other things, a sailors’ paradise.
The Ionian Yachting Festival & Gastronomy will be supported by the Ionian Islands Organizations and the relevant Ministries.

A promotional campaign will be launched in the framework of the Festival, including TV and radio advertisements, newspaper and magazine advertisements, as well as online and social media promotion.

With a collective effort between the organizers , the operators, exhibitors, sponsors, we aim to establish, on an annual basis, an international marine tourism meeting in the Ionian Islands.
The second part of the exhibition will be gastronomic tourism. Gastronomy is an interconnected part with Marine Tourism and will give visitors the opportunity to taste traditional products of the region. The special microclimate of the region, with wet winters and warm sunny summers, creates conditions suitable for products of superior quality, rich in flavour and of great nutritional value. Grapes (for raisins and wine), figs, oranges, honey and pulses, but also meat and dairy products, while homemade traditional sweets (madeleines, spoon sweets and liqueurs) complete this excellent production, which has a special place in the traditional Ionian breakfast.

The basic principle of the Ionian Yachting Festival & Gastronomy is the interaction of marine tourism with the gastronomy of the Ionian Sea.
To fulfill this objective, emphasis will be placed on the inexhaustible marine wealth, with flavours and recipes based on the fish and seafood of the Ionian seabed.

Sea bass, littorini, barbel, sea bream, sea bream, sea bream are just some of the species that are caught in the nets of fishermen and through this section, we will have the opportunity to taste original and easy recipes, so that we can include them in our daily table, as a main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, with the help of professionals of the sector who will present for the needs of the festival, finger seafood and dishes of the Ionian land.

The rocky creeks and underwater caves are ideal homes for octopus and many species of seafood and shellfish, such as sea urchins, scallops, clams and shiners, while the rich ecosystem of the Ionian islands, with lakes and rivers, is conducive to catching redfish, atolls and eels.

The presence of the Agri-Food Partnership of the Ionian Islands is essential for the coordination and supervision of the project, whose statutory purpose is to promote and advertise the gastronomy and local products of the Ionian Sea.